Social Security Lawyer in Denver, CO

Social Security Lawyer in Denver, CO

Make accuracy a priority with any disability claim you submit when you sit down for an initial consultation with one of our social security lawyers in Denver, CO. Our experience matters when it comes to filing a claim and challenging any denial. Boesen Law has a team of attorneys ready to gather all of the facts and documents needed for a social security disability claim.

Defining Your Condition

Learn more about what the Social Security Administration is looking for when attempting to determine disability. Any applicant must be totally disabled in order to qualify for financial support. Our SSDI/SSI attorneys know the deadlines you must meet, and the opportunities for appeal should your initial claim be denied.

Social Security Appeals Process

A claim denial is based on the Social Security Administration’s definition of what qualifies as a disability. Understanding that threshold is significant when filing for disability insurance as well. Call our office today and start this process.

Talk with our legal team about the various levels of social security benefits and how your situation fits within that framework. Partner with one of our compassionate social security lawyers. We proudly serve clients in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding communities.